"I give praise to the Peak of the West,
Kissing the ground to her Ka.
I give praise; hear my invocation!
For I am a righteous person upon the earth.

I was an ignorant man and witless,
Not distinguishing good from bad.
I made the mistake of transgressing against the Peak,
So she chastised me with her hand.

Behold! I say, to the great and small . . .
Beware the Lady of the Peak!
For there is a lion within her.
The Peak strikes with the stroke of a savage lion.
She is after him who offends her.

I called out to my Mistress,
And found her coming to me as sweet as the breeze.
She forgave me after she had made me see her hand.
She turned round to me in mercy;
The Peak of the West is merciful when she is called upon.."

Prière présente sur une stèle, celle d'Amennakht. La Déesse et l'homme sont représentés sans yeux, non pas par défaut, mais par référence au fait que Meretseger frappait les hommes de cécité. 

L'inscription indique :

"Stèle d'Amennakht, 20e dynastie, Deir el Medina

Praises for your spirit, Meretseger, Mistress of the West, by the Scribe of the Place of Truth, Amennakht true-of-voice; he says: 'Be praised in peace, O Lady of the West, Mistress who turns herself to grace! You made me see darkness in the day. I shall declare your power to other people. Be gracious to me in your grace!' "

(c) Photo du British Museum - Source
Mon premier hymne à Meretseger

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